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What are the advantages of casting shot blasting machine?



Qingdao Xinhua Shengtai casting shot blasting machine advantages summary:

   1. Casting cleaning machine adopts BE-type separator, which has good separation effect and high productivity. The specific type of track type shot blasting machine will be introduced for the product of the blade. The role of extreme.

   2. The casting cleaning machine should check whether the no-load current of each motor, the bearing temperature rise, the reducer, and the shot blasting amount are normal. Check the cleaning effect at any time. If there is any abnormality, immediately stop the machine and conduct a comprehensive inspection of the equipment.

   3. Casting cleaning machine adopts cantilever centrifugal shot blasting machine, which has large blasting angle, high efficiency and no dead angle. It has the characteristics of long service life, small valve blasting machine and simple structure.

   4. Casting cleaning machine adopts wear-resistant rubber track, which reduces the collision and damage to the workpiece and the noise of the machine.

   5. The casting cleaning machine adopts DMC type pulse blowback bag type dust collector. The guard plate of the room with low dust emission concentration is regularly inspected for wear and tear, and if damaged, it is replaced immediately to prevent breakdown of the chamber body. As prescribed, it greatly reduces the labor of the operator.

    It is forbidden to open the feeding door when the shot blaster is not completely stopped to prevent accidents. So that the surface of the workpiece is strengthened and its service life. Therefore, it wears and bears a lot of force, and throws the projectile to the continuously turned workpiece in the drum to achieve the purpose of cleaning. Those who accept the steel shots are regularly inspected to discover the hidden dangers of the accident in time. In the ventilation and dust removal, two butterfly valves are installed according to the situation, which can achieve good separation effect. The bottom of the chamber and the debris in the separator funnel should be regularly cleaned.


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